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Your gifts help train puppies to be Guide Dogs, as well as support other Guide Dogs services to people who are blind or have a vision impairment. Below are just a few examples of people who are experiencing greater freedom and independence now that they have a Guide Dog and the difference it has made to their lives.

Tilly's story

Tilly before and afterTilly was born the runt of her litter. At 190 grams she was less than half the weight of any other puppy in her litter. Tilly was tube-fed by our staff at the Guide Dogs Centre until she was strong enough to move by herself. We never gave up on Tilly and we are so glad we didn’t, because in March 2018 she graduated as a Guide Dog! Through the support of people like you, Tilly will give someone with sight loss the confidence and freedom to live an active and independent life.

You will help someone like Matt ...

Talented musician and Australia's Got Talent finalist, Matt McLaren has been blind since birth but Guide Dog, Stamford, helps him travel safely and confidently to new places.

Matt stands beside his Guide Dog Stanford“I’m living my life exactly the way I want to. Stamford enables me to do so much more than I could with a cane, such as carry music gear to gigs around town and travel confidently to new places.

I always thought it would be difficult to put that much trust in an animal, but receiving Stamford completely changed that. He was so confident, and straight away knew what to do.

It was truly liberating.”

... or Salma

Salma sits beside her Guide Dog JacieSalma has been vision impaired all of her life due to glaucoma and cataracts but since receiving her Guide Dog Jacie she enjoys freedom and independence. 

“You wouldn’t believe it seeing me now, but prior to 2007 I wasn’t able to even walk to the corner let alone travel on public transport on my own.

Having Jacie now means I can go out whenever I want, I don’t need to rely on anyone and that is an amazing feeling!”


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